Sam Burton started over.
He didn’t want to.  He had
to.  By his thirtieth birthday, Sam was booked
solid, in demand internationally as a preacher, evangelist, comedian and story
teller.  His brand was about to reach
juggernaut status, when it all came crashing down.  Homeless, penniless and broken, he started a
journey of rebuilding that took nearly two decades to complete.  Today, his widely read blogs on
sustainability in areas of Faith, Finances and Food are again bringing his work
into the spotlight.  He works to feed the world while healing the
earth and building lives.  Part preacher,
part entertainer, Sam draws deep from the well of personal experience to assist
others whether their needs are Faith Based, Money Management or Food
Centered.  His own farm in Georgia serves
as a backdrop for much of his writing and speaking.  He is a bringer of hope.  Hope for the hurting heart as well as the
hurting earth.  Sam is married to Brittan
and they live with about 200 head of various livestock and tons of vegetables
just north of Atlanta, GA.


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