Isitoq’s Hound – And a Game of What If

isotoqshoundWhat if the quantum speculations of multiple dimensions is correct? What if we are not alone?  What would that mean for our understanding of reality? Of Truth? Of what is natural and supernatural?  What if the Bible has been pointing us to that reality all along?  These are some concepts I plan to play with for a while.  I’m gently introducing the subject in my first fiction project, “Isitoq’s Hound“.

IH is a novelette, which means it’s a quick read, and it’s priced accordingly, at $.99.  It is my overt goal to stretch your understanding, and test the foundations of your belief system in a series of short novels and a stand alone theological non fiction work.

I sure hope you’ll come with me as we search for Heaven, Hell, Angels, Demons, UFOs, Ghosts, Portals, Wormholes and Thin Places.  Please keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle. Keep your seat belt fastened at all times until we come to a complete stop.  We WILL experience turbulence.


What would you do if you woke up in strang place with no memory of how you arrived or why you were there?  What if your next discovery was that you had no way to contact the outside world; no phone, no email, no text messaging?  Then, what if you learned that the town you’d landed in was being terrorized by a hideous creature of unknown origin? What if you became the prey? What if those around you believed you might be harboring the predator?  Isitoq’s Hound, realeased today only on Kindle.


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