World’s Most Inconsistent Blogger Strikes Again

I just noticed that I have not updated this space since December.  It’s no wonder I don’t have any readers.  I’m committed to making some changes to my consistency and content.

1. I’m going to do my best to avoid political posts.  It won’t be easy, but political blogging is not my area.  This space is supposed to be about Faith, Finances and Food.  And I’m going to stick to that. I will not be taking down my political posts, but will only address political issues as they directly impact one of the three core areas this blog is about.

2. I am going to make every effort to update this blog at least weekly.

3. I am launching a new study series in the Faith section called, “The Great Adventure”.  Look for the first installment either over the weekend or early next week.

Finally, please forgive me for my negligence of this site.  Some of the issues have been health related, but mostly, I’ve just allowed life to crowd out my writing.



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