Piers Morgan is “Inherently Flawed” and Needs to “Be Amended”.

By now, thanks to multiple repostings, most of America knows that CNN personality, Piers Morgan is neither a fan of the U.S. Constitution nor the Bible.  Morgan has used his microphone to complain that both documents are ‘inherently flawed’ and need to be amended.  He demands the Bible be rewritten to make it supportive of Gay Marriage and the Constitution should be redone to eliminate the 2nd amendment.   His vitriolic attacks were made on his little watched CNN program.

It’s really hard to take this guy seriously.  Integrity questions have surrounded him for over a decade.  Morgan was once the editor of Britain’s “News of the World”; a tabloid not known for its particularly high level of journalism.  He was fired as editor of the Daily Mirror due to publishing fraudulent photos that implied British Soldiers in Iraq were torturing prisoners.  He was also implicated in an insider trading scandal.  Though never convicted or even charged, the circumstantial evidence haunts him to this day.

CNN did not hire Mr. Morgan as a journalist, but as a ‘shock jock’, betting that since Americans are suckers for British accents that he would boost them in the ratings war.  Oops, guess that one didn’t work out so well.

Headline aside, my intent with this rant is not to rebut Piers Morgan.  His arguments don’t have enough meat to be worthy of a steak knife, much less a scalpel.  They are his opinions and he is entitled to his them, even when they are only so much hot air and BBC English.

No, my beef is really with the outlets that give life to his ramblings.  If “The Blaze”, “Drudge Report”, “Breitbart” and “World Net Daily” would stop publishing material about his diatribes, the nonsense would go away.  No one watches his show.  He gets more exposure in one day on the websites mentioned here than he gets from his own show in at least a week, maybe more.

In my opinion, reasoned, sensible liberals like Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper and Juan Williams are demeaned by the rantings of Morgan and his ilk.  Piers Morgan is in the same category as Westboro Baptist Church in my book.  If the media would cut of their air(time) supply, the beast would suffocate. And, darn it, even I am guilty now.  Rats!


2 thoughts on “Piers Morgan is “Inherently Flawed” and Needs to “Be Amended”.

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