Some Election Reflection – Content Warning: Explicit Spiritual Themes

America has spoken. We have endured two years of hard campaigning, incessant rhetoric, name calling from pundits, threats from extremists and propaganda galore. Yesterday we voted. We had our say.

Nationally, we didn’t say much.  On the surface, it looks like we voted the status quo. Mr. Obama is still President, the Democrats still have the Senate and the Republicans still have the House. Ho Hum.

Digging in a little deeper, two or three State specific decisions stand out to me as quite telling. First, popular conservative, Allen West, lost his seat in Florida. Two States voted to legalize same sex marriage and two more voted to legalize recreational marijuana usage.

To my poor, simple mind, I think all these results suggest that America is no longer a center right country. We look a little more center left to me.  This may be a phase, it may be the start of a long term move, I can’t tell.  Either way, it is clearly the world we live in right now.

I make a lot of noise about running for political office, and sometimes I am tempted, because I want to make a difference. I am flattered by the support I get from friends and family.  It’s great to know that I’d get at least SOME votes if I ran.

The simple fact is, though, my calling is not a political one, it is a spiritual one.  My task, my purpose, my passion, is not to call America to the voting booth, but to call the Church to the prayer closet and to call the world to Christ.

America’s political shifts are fascinating to me. I truly love the cut and thrust of politics. It’s challenging and fun, but it is a superficial thing, and can be a distraction. When my candidate wins, I can become overly content, even smug.  When my chosen candidate loses, I can despair and grieve.  I am so easily drawn in to giving way too much importance to temporal things.

My foundational document is not the Constitution, but the Scriptures.  My true allegiance is not to the flag, but to the Gospel.  My hope is not in America, but in Christ.  I am more interested in tithes than taxes.  There is more promise in prayer than in politics. I need a Savior more than I need a Senator. The world needs the Great Physician more than we need health care. We need pulpits more than we need political stumps.  We need deliverance more than Democrats and we need revival more than we need Republicans. It is by His stripes rather than the stars and stripes that we are healed.

Yesterday, I voted. I cast my ballot for some winners and some losers. Oh, well.  Yesterday (and today), I also prayed. I cast my cares on the One who cares for me.  My vote will stand for 4 years. My prayers will stand forever. My life is in His hands.

I believe the world can change.  I believe we can become more loving, more giving, more secure, more free,  more just, more peaceful, more holy, more neighborly, more content, more balanced, more united than we ever imagined.  And I not only believe it, I know the Way. I think I’ll spend the next four years, point it, er, Him, out.



4 thoughts on “Some Election Reflection – Content Warning: Explicit Spiritual Themes

  1. Very well said “Sam”.. Maybe you should be my Uncle …. Sam! Personally, I think you would do well in Politics. I think part of the solution about our government would be to…… reduce the number of politictions by a large amount!! But that’s just my opinion!! Keep writing Sam.. I love to read your works!!

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