After 2K Years, Jesus is Still Pushing Buttons

He mingled with outcasts; they called Him a Sinner

He healed their broken; they called Him a Devil

He forgave the sinner, yet told them to ‘sin no more’; they called him a hypocrite

He told them to repent; they called Him trouble maker

He told them to love; they called Him a meddler

He fed their hungry mouths; they abandoned Him in His darkest hour

He told them they were hypocrites; they took out a contract on Him

He forgave them; they beat Him within an inch of His life

He told them He was God; they executed Him

He rose from the grave; they covered it up

He said, ‘Come to me everyone who is weary and burdened and I will give you rest’; they called him intolerant

He said, ‘whoever believes in me shall never perish’; they called Him a hater


Some things never change


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