Juice Feast – Week 1 Review

The first week is behind me. Whew. That was hard.  And it was boring as heck. Did I mention how boring it is? The juices are tasty enough, but there is no other sensory appeal. There is no real variety in texture, eye interest or even taste, really. There are only variations on a theme.

As a true food lover, I enjoy the look, the feel, the aroma and the complexity of a truly omnivorous diet. Food, to me, is much more than the intake of massive amounts of calories (although I’m pretty good at that part), it is a cultural, sensual, almost spiritual event. The preparation, the combination of artistry and science that makes up a meal, is part of the excitement. With the juices, it’s, what green will we mix with what fruit?  Hmmm. Or, celery or no celery? Yawn.

The juicer clean up is a bore as well.  If you don’t do it right away and the food bits dry, then you have a marathon on your hands. I find that it takes away from the experience a little bit.

The positives: first, I lost 11 pounds in 7 days. That’s a winner.  It’s incredibly encouraging to see that kind of early success.  It really helpt the motivation.

Also, as alluded to already, the juices taste good.  I make sure there is some fruit in every juice. That really helps. Carrots add sweetness as well.  In fact, the only thing Brittan and I didn’t like were beets. We found that odd, because we both love eating beets. Oh, well.

The boredom has led us to transition to juicing until evening and having a meal that includes protein and vegetables. I’ll keep you posted on how that goes.

Conclusion: Juicing is a great way to cleanse and kick start a healthy eating or weight loss program. It is a terrible way to try an liven up a party.



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