Juice Fast Day 1 – End of Day Update

Well, the first day is almost over.  And…it…sucked.

The juice part wasn’t so bad.  I had 4 different juices. All were drinkable.  Some were tasty.  But as a meal replacement they were all terribly boring. 

Caffeine withdrawal started about 10 a.m.  I’ve had a massive headache since then.  I took some Ibuprofen but it didn’t touch it.  My brain feels foggy, too.  It’s like having a hangover. Not that I would know about such things, mind you.

I didn’t expect the DTs until tomorrow, so that’s a little disconcerting. If days 2 and 3 are the worst, then I’m in for a heap o hurt.

On the positive side, I wasn’t grumpy at all.   I didn’t suffer from a lot of hunger, either, which was a pretty big surprise.  We’ll see what tomorrow holds.



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