Putting the GIVING back in ThanksGIVING

I am blessed. I’m not merely fortunate or lucky.  I am BLESSED.  God tore a hole the size of Texas in the blessing bucket and let it all dump right on my head.  My wife rocks like Gibralter (and she’s smokin’ hot, which is a perk). I have two awesome children and 5 terrific grandchildren. My sisters, nieces, nephews, inlaws, cousins, aunts and uncles are all the absolute best. I have friends I don’t deserve and a wonderful Faith Family where we worship. I have my farm. I have employment. I have a house that’s way beyond what I ever imagined. I have some semblence of health and on good days I have most of my memory.  Oh, and most of all, I have a Saviour.  I told you, I am blessed.

Today is Thanksgiving.  I spent my morning being grateful, then going online and giving back.  I went to Heifer International,  Food For the Hungry and Samaritan’s Purse and I donated livestock, paid for a well, gave training for an evangelist and gave training for a veterinarian.  I’m not going to say how much, because I’m not trying to boast.  I am simply overcome with how much I have and how great the need is out there. My eyes won’t be dry for hours.

Please join me this Thanksgiving in participating in both the Thanks and the Giving.  Have a great weekend.


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