Heroes of the Good Food Movement, Part 3 – The Urban Farming Guys

Riddle me this: What is part Bill Nye the Science Guy, part Paul James (Gardening by the Yard), part Will Allen, part Old McDonald, part Red Green and lives in Kansas City? Yep, we’re talking about the Urban Farm Guys.

For the record, the ‘guys’ also include some ‘gals’.  They are a group of suburbanites who left the burbs to live in one of the most difficult sections of Kansas City. Their goal is to use Urban Farming to improve lives and reduce crime.  They want to make a difference in their community and to make that difference sustainable.

The UFG use some real creativity and ingenuity to build aquaponics systems, create fertilizer and to make their own methane gas for heating their greenhouses.  They do all of it on a budget and still find time to microwave grapes and watch them combust.  Don’t ask, just got to their website and check it out for yourself. Be sure and watch some of the video clips.

They also have some traditional gardens, laying hens and keep a city goat.  There is no doubt that they are impacting the area around them as they involve neighbors in their projects.  They have recently taken some of their aquaponics designs outside the U.S. to assist in developing countries. The Urban Farm Guys might be a whole lot younger than me, but they have become some of my top drawer heroes.  Thanks guys for all you do.

Here’s that website again.


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