A Place to Provoke.

Brittan and I have been very fortunate and humbled at the growing popularity of “Our Edible Suburb”.  That blog has far exceeded our expectations.  It is such a fun place for us to post our progress and foibles as we attempt to turn a suburban backyard into vegetable production oasis and turn 11 leased acres into a real life, honest to goodness farm.  Our readers, friends, family, customers and colleagues have been amazing.

I need, however, another place to express a wider set of views, ideas, opinions and dreams.  So I am launching this new place, Sam Burton Online.  Our Edible Suburb will continue as the primary place for chronicling our farming and gardening adventures.  SBO will have three major categories:  Food, Finances and Faith.  Apart from my wife (and the rest of my family), these are my three great passions.  I want to help as many people as possible live truly sustainable lives.  If we have a sustainable food chain, sustainable finances and a sustainable faith, we have a chance to thrive rather than merely survive.

These categories can be very controversial and sometimes confrontational.   Our Edible Suburb doesn’t align itself with that kind of dialogue, so here we are.  I hope you’ll join me in a pursuit of truth, change and growth.  I’m hoping that some of the discussion will be lively and thought provoking.  I’m confident that readers won’t always agree with me because that would be boring.  I’m counting on the fact that we can disagree without being disagreeable.

My first post was kind of introspective.  It is a transcript of a meditation I did at our Church a couple weeks ago.  So many people commented on it, that I decided to publish the text.  For those who want a recorded version, I believe you can probably get one from Northwest Christian Church, Acworth, GA.

In our ‘coming attractions’ department, my next post will be in the “Food” category and will possibly stir some coals.  Nothing like jumping right into the deep end.  Besides, life’s too short to dance around tough topics.  As the great philosopher, George Strait says, “I ain’t here for a long time.  I’m here for a good time.”


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